Sihui Huang

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Software Development Intern
Summer 2015

• Implemented a WebSocket component for continuously pulling data with low latency from Kafka, unit tested with JUnit and Mockito

• Developed a git branches management app in NodeJS; unit tested and functional tested with MochaJS, ChaiJS, and SinonJS

• Implemented a component for pulling data from clients’ Amazon S3 Buckets into our distributed system

• Implemented REST APIs for core components in Java; unit tested with Groovy, JUnit, and Mockito
Backend Performance Engineering Intern
Spring 2015

• Improved the performance of a filtering query after analyzed relative database structures, identified bottleneck with performance tests, and tuned the SQL query

• Analyzed data volume and data shapes in three major databases used by the team using SQL queries

• Visualized billions rows of data using D3JS

• Loaded billions rows of data using JMeter and Python Scripts
Engineering Intern
Summer 2014 - Fall 2014

• Developed a Ruby on Rails web application completely as a full stack developer, powered by AWS, MongoDB, Amazon S3, Google Map JavaScript API, jQuery, and AJAX

• Designed and implemented a REST API used by an iOS app

• Developed an iOS app independently in Swift, powered by Google Map iOS SDK

• Improved and maintained three iOS apps, one Ruby on Rails app, and one NodeJS app
Research Assistant
Fall 2013 - Fall 2014

• Studied Agent­Oriented Programming and Multi­Agent System

• Participated in the MATISSE (Multi-Agent based TraffIc Safety Simulation systEm) project

• Implemented a Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication mechanism in Java for MATISSE